Automotive Actuators & Valves

Viking’s ViVa Piezo Solutions for Automotive Applications

Automotive technology is currently the second-largest market for piezoelectric ceramic products.


Piezo Fuel Injection Actuators

Viking has designed a patent pending hermetically sealed SIAC Injector Actuator specifically designed to be faster, work harder, offer better fuel economy and emissions while offering protection from fuel or other debris potentially affecting the actuator.  

Valves for Transmissions

ViVa is a perfect solution for transmissions offering exception control and utmost reliability  where it counts.

Piezo Actuator Valve for Seat Bolster Systems

Viking has prototyped a superior bolster valve system that uses new technology instead of older b-morph designs. 

ViVa Technology offers high flow rate potentials 22.3LPM + more may be possible, with better seals that are less susceptible to vibration. The temperature range is much greater at -20°c to 120°c. -40° to +140c° could be achieved if necessary.

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