Valve Actuators

Valves measure and control flow. Actuators provide the force to operate and control these valves. They operate either with linear force or with rotary torque. Linear valve types include: Gate valves, Knife Gate valves, Globe valves, Diaphragm Valves, Pinch valves, Slide Gate valves and Rising Stem Ball valves. Without the actuator, the valve is useless.

Valve actuators also play a major part in automating process control. The valves to be automated vary both in design and dimension, controlling many different mediums including liquids, gasses, air, and other matter used to perform tasks. Consistent and reliable control is critical for these processes. The Viking Team has developed many valve actuator applications for your objectives using our ViVa and SIAC technologies. We are well experienced in accomplishing our customer’s objective to actuate valves, latches, and other mechanisms. Viking is now offering 2nd and 3rd generation valve actuators. Call our office for more information!


Viking High Speed Valve Gen.1

Viking AT Fluid Dispensing Valve Gen 1.

Viking AT Weightlifter ViVa® Actuator in Action Gen. 1

We can work with your team to assist in the implementation of ViVa, or we can create a working system designed specifically for your application.