SIAC Actuators & Injectors

Hermetically Sealed Piezo Actuator:  Available FOR VOLUME PRODUCTION



We were determined to provide a strong and reliable piezo actuator  that would allow for environmental threats, making them obsolete in their effect on the actuator itself. Conditions such as active gases, areas with high humidity or wet areas won’t affect this SIAC!

We have now taken our SIAC to new heights (literally) providing several different options and pre-load levels with environmental protection just waiting for your application needs.  

Key Benefits:

  • Reliability in even the toughest environments
  • Greater displacement than other similarly sealed actuators 
  • Maximized work from each stack
  • No side loading
  • Perfect for applications needing precision proportional control
  • Hermetically sealed and Nitrogen filled
  • Stainless steel barrier of protection from elemental threats with signature bellows
  • Pre-loaded to maximize work and ensure survivability of stack
  • Priced below most competing manufacturers

As these actuators are sealed from the environment they last longer and are more reliable than standard piezo actuators.  This makes the SIACsolution a perfect fit for applications requiring high precision and reliability within a potentially harsh environment.

Viking AT offers 2 standard models that are typical for most mass flow control units and can also custom design a sealed piezo stack for your own specific application.