Piezo Actuator FAQ

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How much displacement can you get with a ViVa® Piezo Actuator?

ViVa actuators and valves can be scaled very small and very large. We’re now working projects that need .010" displacement and some that need as much as .200" displacement.

How many cycles will a ViVa Piezo Actuator achieve?

We’ve tested numerous ViVa Actuator sizes to over a billion cycles without indication of failure. Some customers have now exceeded 2 billion actuator cycles and are still going.

What if I don’t know how to apply your technology into my design?

We have an experienced team that has helped several companies reach their goal of using ViVa . Current ViVa designs can be utilized where needed and we can customize a solution for your application.

Will ViVa work for my application?

Contact us today to speak with our experienced team to find out how our actuators and valves will work for you!