Consulting Services


Expertise & Initiative

Jeff Moler—CEO of Viking AT—is a world class piezo expert. His area of specialization is mechatronics with a focus on actuation and amplification. Jeff’s comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience with piezo systems are the driving forces behind his consulting services. Jeff has authored and co-authored over 43 patents (including ones pending) in piezoelectric technology and piezo actuation.


Proven Performance

Being an expert in piezo technology makes Jeff the best candidate to design your piezo systems. He has the qualifications to create a system that operates with exceptional long life and ultra low power consumption. Jeff is skilled in the use of different and various forms of piezo materials in both actuators and resonant systems. He is highly competent in the use of co-fired piezo stacks in mechanical amplifiers that are utilized in valves, pumps, compressors, door locks, latches, automotive systems and in the general replacement of solenoids. 

Professional Experience 

Jeff has designed and built the most innovative piezo products, on the market, for over 20 years. His projects have ranged from those involving commercial applications to those in the fields of medical, underwater, military, and aerospace. Jeff has worked around some of the largest piezo actuators in the world right down to the smallest piezo actuators in the world. 

Strategy & Program Management

Jeff has successfully managed, developed, and launched piezo technology products used in underwater, aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial applications. He has the strategy skills to ensure the successful implementation of your piezo project from start to finish. Jeff offers specialized consulting services that can suit anyone’s need. His Engineering, Market Applications, and Program Leadership Consulting Services are offered to fit the scope of your application—from simple to complex, full-scale development projects.

Business Services

Jeff understands what makes a manufacturing business successful. He has raised investment funds. He has managed investor relations, company reporting, management teams, and company structure. Jeff’s consulting services can suit any size budget. Whether you are at the idea stage or ready to begin production, Jeff can assist you every step of the way. He has the specialized skills needed for designers, who have a great idea, to get help with the development of that idea.

One-on-One Consulting 

Jeff provides the in-depth knowledge that is required to design and manage your piezo system. This allows you to focus your time on other aspects of your business. Jeff can help you manage and execute your piezo project, improve the performance of your operations, and implement changes that will result in cost efficiency and less downtime. He will increase your business performance by creating a higher level of productivity. Let Jeff show you how to get the most out of your piezo project and development effort.

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