About Us

** Creating innovative Mechatronics for many years, Viking AT blends skills from a generous pallet of Mechanical, Electronic, Software and Chemical Engineering.

** Jeff Moler, CEO of Viking AT, Sarasota, Florida has put together an extreme team of result driven professionals that can help you push ahead of the competition practically and successfully reaching full potential of manufacturability and production. Piezo valves and actuators are what we specialize in and can help you enjoy the huge benefits of piezo technology.

Viking AT’s team developed the first piezoelectric valve and associated controls more than two decades ago for underwater military use. This #piezo #valve is still used by various major military organizations. Since then many applications have been successfully addressed in a wide variety of applications ranging from military to industrial to consumer devices.

With over 30 patents and 13 more pending, Viking AT can assist your organization in creating and implementing actuation technologies for valves, locks, switches, relays, pumps, compressors and many others. Additionally, new uses include energy harvesting of excess of mechanical vibration into usable electrical charge.

Endless Possibilities….